the advanced 3D Printer

A breakthrough technology
for unprecedented features

A patented process

icon : multi materials

Multi materials

Up to 4 simultaneously

icon : smart support>

Smart support

Hands free, your object is ready

icon : materials mixing

Material mixing

To create gradient of properties
& aesthetics

For demanding professionals

Creating bespoke products
or small scale series is challenging.
A versatile and profitable system
is the way forward.

Pam offers commercial quality output

- a large volume: Ø 30 cm H 30 cm
- a precise delta system: up to 40 μ
- high fidelity prints

Pam is fully automated

- auto calibration
- live error control
- cloud control

Pam is highly cost-effective

- it is fast: up to 400 mm/s
- inexpensive materials

Materials: the ones you are looking for

Pam: the first 3D Printer
to use pellets as a raw materials

icon : large range

The largest range

Thermoplastics, sillicones, composites & filled materials... With industrial grade quality

icon : infinite properties

Infinite properties

flexibility, elasticity, strength, transparency and colors, skin and food contact... it's your choice

icon : eco friendly

Eco friendly

Clean and respectful materials for a responsible and healthy experience. Without any restrictions

icon : unbeatable price

Unbeatable price

The best and shortest sourcing: straight from the producer directly to you

pellet image

For each of your application,
there is a set of materials


Wether you want to validate and test a design or a prototype, or wish to quickly give birth to your creations


To obtain finished products, with the required quality. From small to large scale commercialization

High performances

If your product is expected to sustain harsh conditions or is aiming for state of the art excellency

Each set comes with a selection of materials, with all the intended properties,
our Smart Support materials and an array of colors. And there is more:
materials can be filled with natural fibers, carbon, minerals,
metal particles or textiles to obtain even more possibilities

we can develop custom materials and colors

Digital intelligence at your service

Honeyprint interface

the software powering Pam

Remote control

From any device, anywhere.
No installation required

Production Management

Store, verify and monitor
your 3D models on the go

Made to scale

From a single Pam
up to 100 Pam/user

Any file format

STL, amf, obj...
from any CAD

Update & Upgrade

Automatically, thanks to
our Cloud solution


Giving you access
to every parameter
for custom control

Honeyprint on Ipad

From the mathematical models governing Pam, to the user interface,
the Pollen team has engineered from the ground up its software
to ensure optimal quality and maximum versatility.
The essence of Honeyprint is to evolve with its users, offering
enhanced performances, both mechanical and digital, over time

A unique hardware design

From its electronics to its mechanical parts, we have
stopped at nothing to design and engineer Pam.
For its performances, of course, but also for its aesthetics.
We believe a 3D Printer should be a pride to be exhibited

Case studies

details coming soon