Pam 3D printers o2 illustration

Pellet Additive Manufacturing at its finest

Increased temperature control
Accurate temperature control

Logo Reinforced mechanical architecture
Robust mechanical architecture

Logo open programming & automation
Open programming & automation

pam o2 3D printers

Pam 3D printers o2 illustration

Pam 3D printers o2 illustration

Configurable to suit your projects

Adapt your system to your application with specific extruders, heating elements and consumables.

Pam 3D printers o2 illustration

Welcome to an open world

Benefit from a full access to 3D printing parameters and create your own automation functions within the system.

Pam 3D printers o2 illustration

Tireless drivetrain for lasting quality

We selected trusted suppliers from demanding industry as aeronautics to supply our components.

Pam 3D printers o2 illustration

Reliable electronics at high temperature

A complete redesign of the electronics for greater control and ease of use in all conditions.

Robust mechanical architecture
for improved component durability and efficiency!

Pam 3D printers o2 illustration

Inverted Delta

It is the best compromise between compacity, speed and accuracy. Coupled with ground guide rods for greater precision and strength.

Pam 3D printers o2 illustration

High quality components

Specially-engineered equipment to meet industrial requirements and guarantee greater durability. Made and assembled in France

open Technology
open Control
open Materials
open Innovation
open Electronics
open Firmware
open Slicer
open Community

Performant electronic components and wiring for reliable control of the system!

Fast and efficient electronics

New electronics design for a reliable control of thermal stability and system movement.

Energy-efficient electronics deliverying high thermal stability at low electricity consumption.

Pam 3D printers

Ready for high temperature

The most demanding materials require a high-temperature environment, and our electronic components are designed to operate even in the harshest conditions.

Adapt your surface finish
with new features

Pam 3D printers

Activated input shaping

Achieve a smooth surface finish on your printed parts at any speed, even at high temperatures.


Pam 3D printers

Without input shaping

Vibrations aren’t compensated by the system so the part can present irregularities.

Adapt your configuration
to your applications

Pam 3D printers o2 illustration

Specific extruders

pam o2 offers different extruders depending on material behavior.
The extruders are easy to replace, so you can quickly switch from one configuration to another.

Pam 3D printers o2 illustration

Heating elements

Take advantage of various options to create the ideal environment for printing your material : heating room, radiant disc, heating cartridge.

Pam 3D printers o2 illustration

Wide choice of consumables

Over the years we built up a varied catalogue of consumables to offer its users even more possibilities. Nozzle, building plate, adhesive...
We also develop accessories on request.

Benefit from increased productivity with more accurate control in high temperature environments!

The temperatures stabilize faster at system launch, allowing for less temperature oscillations and temperature overshoot.

A new HT extruder allows improved thermal continuity from the compression zone to the extrusion die.

Power consumption is reduced with optimized PID for all heating elements: extruders, build plate, room and radiant disk.

Focus on user experience!

Comfort in operation

Low noise system ready to operate where you need it, even in closed office. Moreover the pellets are easy to store and can be handled safely.

Pam 3D printers


For ceramics and metals applications, no volatile powder is present. System can be operated without incomfortable personal protective equipment or costly installation.

Comfort in maintenance

System designed to allow self and easy maintenance by the user.

An open software ecosystem ready for customisation and scaling

Cura : the most popular slicing solution

pam o2 systems use Cura powered by Pollen AM. From easy to use to expert mode for a granular control of your printing, Cura is the essential slicer in 3D printing.

Pam 3D printers

A wide variety of customizable macros accessible with one click

From intelligent "start-stop" system to perform maintenance, to scalable temperature control patterns specific to each extruder...
macros offer you a wide spectrum of possibilities!

Fully open source and modernized firmware

Benefit from new features to garantee quality printing even at high speed or collect data for analysis.

3D print at high speed without compromising on quality

Pam 3D printers

3D Printing small and medium series of production with PAM has never been that fast!.

Pam 3D printers

A batch of 24 grommets in TPU can be 3D printed on pam o2 in 4h33min compared to 9h on the previous generation of pam printers!

Build your own catalog
of material thanks to pellets

Material portfolio

Since our beginnings, we have developped hundreds of printing profile on various materials. Speed up your project by using printing profile developed by our engineers.

Pam 3D printers

Your printing profile

We puts more than 10 years of experience in pellet printing at your service to provide you with the skills required to make you autonomous in your developments.

On demand printing profile

Let our experts develop your printing profile and be ready to run it on your system.

New API enables collection of production analysis data!

Monitor ongoing print jobs for a simplified remote production management and export parameters recorded during the printing process in .CSV format.

Runtime feature keeps track of the system and accessories operating times.

Meet pam o2
pellet 3D printers!

Pam 3D printers

Discover pam o2 MC

Dedicated to metals and ceramics

Discover pam o2 HT

High temperatures performance parts

Discover pam o2

Wide variety of commodity materials