Outonomous, open & powerful

Web-based interface
Multiple systems control
Integration to industrial workflows

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Open source Slicing

Cura powered by Pollen AM

Cura is an open source software dedicated to Fused Deposition Modeling. Specifically engineered add-ons for Pam Technology enables to benefit from the power of an open material system.

Start using Pam with with existing printing profiles or adapt parameters to your specific materials.

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Autonomous control

Honeyprint is the tailor-made software at the heart of Pam Technology. Thanks to its web-based interface, New Pam Series P and Pam Series MC can be controlled by any device, locally or remotely.

It is also completely autonomous. No dedicated additional equipment is required and one operator can control multiple systems.

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E-learning platform

Installation & setup accompaniment

Benefit from a priviledged collaboration with our R&D team for all your projets. We accompany you during the learning phases from beginner to expert level and for specific demands.

Access to smart and evolving knowledge through tutorials and training for an easy and convenient learning curve.

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Custom interactions API


Industrial integration

In order to have the most control over your industrial workflows Pollen AM has developped a dedicated API.

It allows custom interactions and integration with your existing manufatcuring means and new industrial processes development.

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