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L'Usine Nouvelle - 01 Octobre 2020

Back on the publication of an article in the new plant on October 1, 2020, Pam's technology is highlighted for its ability to print TPEs without hardness limits.

Link: Read the article


New team member presentation

At the beginning of the year, Pollen AM welcomed Vladimir, who now holds the position of support engineer. Pillar of the customer relationship and after-sales follow-up, Vladimir will be in direct contact with users to help them take control of the system.

Pollen AM : Can you tell us about your arrival at Pollen AM?

I have an engineering background thanks to my studies in an engineering school and a specilization in polymer transformation. After my studies I joined Saint Gobain as a project manager. I worked in the automotive sector and was responsible for the development of plastic injection tools. After 3 years spent in the automotive sector I wanted to discover a new sector and I was hired by Safran Aircraft Engines as an external industrialization pilot. My role was to support Safran's suppliers in the manufacture and ramp-up of Safran parts.

Pollen AM : Can you tell us more about the support platform and how it fits with your responsibilities?

Vladimir : The creation of this new platform comes from the will to decentralize the technical support within Pollen AM and to make it an independent entity that collects the various user experiences. Thus a user can freely access the platform and consult training courses and all technical documentation relating to the use of a Pam system. This development was necessary in view of the international implementation of Pam systems. It also allows me to quickly qualify requests and easily guide the user to the appropriate documentation.

Pollen AM : How does the platform work concretely?

Vladimir: The entire knowledge base is centralized in the form of categorized and catalogued articles. They are shared with all PAM users using intuitive search tools. Each user connected to the knowledge base will thus be able to find examples and answers to all kinds of problems encountered Pollen directly or indirectly via feedback from a third party user of the Pam System. The platform is a true dynamic and interactive knowledge base that allows users to be informed and to appropriate the latest developments or tools proposed by Pollen AM.

Pollen AM: What are your points of attention regarding the platform?

Vladimir: First of all the ease for a user to find the information that meets his needs. Then we had to rethink the training course in order to make it as pedagogical and accessible as possible. To do this, I work closely with the technical teams to provide complete content including detailed explanations but also visuals and videos to improve the user experience.

Pollen AM : A few words of conclusion?

Vladimir : Beyond its objective of customer support, the platform represents a first exchange site that will allow all Pam users to become actors in the development of the technology. It is by systematically collecting user needs that we will make our systems evolve to define tailor-made solutions according to the projects and needs of each individual.


All you need to know about Polypropylene (PP) for 3D printing

On July 16th, 2020, the 3D printing media published an article about Pollen AM and how about the Pam technology can print the Polypropylene.

This article highlight how Pollen AM developped a 3D printing technology based on direct pellet extrusion compatible with one of the most widelly used thermoplastic.


A solidarity initiative serving the maintenance of business activity

During the confinement period, Pollen AM joined the CCI Entraide platform specially set up to promote solidarity and complementarity between companies. Here is a feedback on the actions of Pollen AM and a demonstration of the usefulness of 3D printers in times of crisis.


Advantages and Possibilities of Soft, Elastic Materials in 3D Printing

On Tuesday May 26, 2020 at 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM CEST awebinar organized by Kraiburg entitled: Advantages and opportunities of flexible and elastic materials in 3D printing took place.

You can view or review the webinar by following the link below.