Use Cases

Real Materials. Real Applications.

Thanks to usage of industrial materials, the Pam Technology allows actors from many fields to start producing goods with Additive Manufacturing.
Polymers or Metals 3D printed parts with the Pam Technology have strong mechanical properties at an unbeatable cost.

Discover some applications where Pam Series P and Pam Series M really does shine.

Personalized Product
Orthopaedic Sole – TPU & PVA

The Orthopaedic Sole—here in a scaled down version— demonstrates capabilities of Additive Manufacturing for producing personalized goods for individuals. With its unequaled capabilities in treating elastomeres, Pam Series P can produce such parts with real hardness properties exploitable by professionals.

Printing Time
4 hour 41 minutes
Material Cost

Use Case
Hose Clamp – ABS

Dematerialize warehouses by manufacturing spare parts with commodity material at competitve price with a technology allowing on demand and local production: New Pam Series P.

Price per Pam Injection Moulding
100 $1,04 $98,94
1000 $0,94 $10,55
35 000 $0,93 $1,00
Hose Clamp
Pam allows production at lower cost than injection moulding up to 35 000 pieces for this part.

Cosmetic Packaging
Bio Make Up Pot – PLA

This Make Up Pot has been built with PLA, a biodegradable and bioactive material dereived from natural resources.

Printing Time
3 hour 28 minutes
Material Cost

Automotive Spare Part
Fastening Clip – ABS

This part is a small clip for fastening the rear shelf of a 70s car. The part does not exist anymore and could be reproduced and improved over the original model.

Printing Time
1 hour 22 minutes
Material Cost