Pam Series MC

Metal & Ceramic Additive Manufacturing

Easy & safe operability
Flexibility and freedom

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Based on PiM*

* Particules Injection Moulding

A well known process

Obtain 100% metallic or ceramic parts thanks to indirect additive manufacturing.

Benefit from the already available PIM material catalog for the production of unit parts or in small and medium batch.

Pam Series MC
Print head
  • - High shear extruders
  • - Interlayer radiant heater

Build plate
  • - Up to 150°C heat resistance
  • - Up to 250°C build platform option

Material cartridge
  • - High temperature feeder

Frame and casing
  • - Heated build volume
  • - Metallic insulated casing

Electronic and software
  • - Enhanced cooling
  • - Fine-tuned temperature control

Pam Series MC
Technical specifications

Technology PAM (Pellet Additive Manufacturing)
Compatible materials Injection moulding grades metals and ceramics and thermoplastics
Material cartridge 2 High temperature and improved cooling
Extruders 2 high shear and reinforced metal alloy
Build volume Ø300mm x H300mm (21x106 mm3)
Nozzles size (mm) Ø 0.25 - 0.4 - 0.6 - 0.8 - 1 - 1.2
Resolution 40µm (Z) and 5µm (X,Y)
Software Cura by Pollen AM - Honeyprint
Max. extrusion temperature 450°C
Max. Buildplate temperature 150°C and 250°C in option
Envelope Double skin metal with thermal insulation
Heating Room Up to 80°C
Radiant Disc Up to 300°C
Max print speed 160 mm/s
Power 3500 W
AC input 230 V ~ 8 A – 50Hz

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