Design & Conception

Parts specifications in respect to production

Industrial materials
Effective prototypes
Improved functionalities

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Material validation

Faster development & iterations

Product development is restrained by the inadequacy between specific materials used for prototypes and industrial materials used in production.

Thanks to its technology opened to industrial pellets, Pam systems are using the same materials as conventional toolings. It offers a great comfort of development and a new way to accelerate the process of material validation.

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Material validation

Functionnal test

Functional test

Characterisation results on ABS tensile bars in X/Y directions.

New combinations & properties

By using industrial grade materials, Pam Technology propose the best representation of serial parts.

As prototypes are made of the same material as serial parts, functional tests are very effective to validate material and product functionalities.

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Synergy between departments

The same materials as production

The parts printed on Pam systems allow the different departments to discuss on concrete cases.

The availability of parts that comply with material specifications is a powerful tool to generate feedbacks and product iterations. Operators can be involved very soon in the design.

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