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For the right resolution

Pollen AM developed specific nozzles, they have optimized internal geometry to ensure a good material flow, to reduce the particle accumulation and to fit multi-material application due to the self-centered.
Standard nozzles are available in brass and in stainless steel with 6 different diameters from 0.25 to 1.2 mm, more sizes and alloys can be developed on demand.

Nozzles are key elements to ensure the right printing quality, thin nozzle diameter (< Ø 0.4 mm) ensure to produce detailed parts but increase the production time. In general they are not adapted to 3D print loaded materials (depending on the filer nature, percentage and the loaded size).
Midrange range nozzle diameters (Ø 0.4 mm - 0.6 mm) are a good compromise between part resolution to produce and production time. They can be adapted to filled materials (depending on the filer nature, percentage and the loaded size).
Bigger nozzle diameters are perfectly adapted to produce larger parts with an excellent production time ratio / part quality.
They are totally adapted to highly filled materials.

Brass nozzles have a good thermal conductivity and high stability. Its main drawback is rapid use in use with abrasive materials which contain fibers and or mineral fillers. For optimal print quality, it is advisable to dedicate a nozzle to a material and to change the bus regularly.
Stainless steel nozzles up to 10 times more wear-resistant than brass nozzles, however, they have lower heat transmission. For optimum print quality, it is advisable to dedicate a nozzle to a material and to change the nozzle regularly.
On demand nozzles whether you are looking for a material with desired thermal properties, a specific abrasion behaviour, new nozzle diameters or just internal and / or external geometries to better adapt to the constraints of a project or a material, Pollen AM offers a service to develop tailor-made solutions.

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Pollen AM nozzles brass stainless steel - Pellet Extruder

Adhesive films

Pollen AM Adhesive films 3D printing - Pellet Extruder

Adapted to material diversity

Build-plate adhesive films are consumables positioned over the printing build-plate.
Specially developed for Pam systems, they have a specific adhesive allowing easy positioning and removal while ensuring good bonding during printing.

They are used to protect the printing build-plate and to optimize the adhesion of the part during the production cycle.

The printing material is directly deposited on the adhesive film without requiring a sacrificial structure such as a raft, etc.

They are a crutial to ensure the good adhesion of the printed part during the production cycle by reducing the warping effect and optimizing the first layer adhesion with the build-plate.

Resistant, it is advisable to replace it as soon as it is damaged or adhesion effect is reduced.
The adhesive films are available in PEI, PA, PC, PP, etc. Pollen AM can develop specific adhesive films on demand.

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Interchangeable build-plates

For good flatness and durability

The printing build-plate is a consummable developed for Pam systems. It protects the heating elements of the build-plate. Made from performance resin, it is durable and allows good flatness even at high temperature. They are two standard references available:

- Standard build-plate: the smooth and rigid version, on which will be positioned the adhesive film. Resistant, it is advisable to replace it at least every 6 months.

- Micro-perforates build-plate: rigid surface with optimized relief, ideal for materials that used to warp. It creates a physical adhesion between the part and the build-plate.

It is advisable to dedicate a micro-perforated build-plate per material family and renew it at least every 6 months.

It is possible to develop on demand build-plate made with specific materials and / or surface relief.

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Pollen AM Printing buildplate - Pellet Extruder

Material cartridges

Pollen AM Material cardtrige direct pellet extrusion - Pellet Extruder

For optimized material flow

The material cartridges are interchangeable and contain ±1L of pellets. They can be reloaded during the production cycle if needed thanks to their upper opening flap.

A configurable mixer is integrated in each cartridge to avoid bridge structures that can form at the entrance of the extruder.
By configurable sweeping movements such as speed, the mixer is adaptable to the material specifications (friability,sensitivity to heating, etc.) and allows maintaining a regular material entrance into the extruder during the printing process.

The material cartridges are available in different versions:
- Standard: compatible with commodity materials,
- High-temperature: compatible with performance materials, they integrate an enhance cooling at the baseplate.

Pollen AM proposes to the Pam systems users a material cartridge customization services. The objective is to better fit the material constraints and being compatible with existing equipments, such as automatic pellet feeding solutions.

These developments can be related to:
- customized flow channels,
- utilization of antistatic materials,
- material cartridge volume,
- specific mixer,
- upper opening valve,
- integration of new accessories, such as dryers, etc.

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Modularity for the right application

The extruders are at the heart of the Pam technology. They are the result of more than 5 years of research and development.
Pam extruders are composed of proprietary cylinder, Auger screw and extruder die, heating elements, fans, thermocouples, etc. The regularly integrate new optimizations resulting from our application research programs and in collaboration with our industrial customers and partners.

Each independent element is customizable to adapt the technology to specific projects and needs.

These adaptations can for example relate to the following elements:
- Surface treatment and alloys: applied on the cylinder, Auger screw, extrusion die to resist to particular chemical corrosion and abrasion;
- Cylinder: specific internal geometry to achieve desired shear rates, etc.
- Auger screw: specific screw profile and compression ratio to create the desire material behaviour, etc.
- Extrusion die: internal geometry and diameter to modify the material flow and to integrate new accessories, such as a static mixer, various sensors, etc.
- Other components: heating elements, fans, thermocouples can be customized such as nature, power, etc.

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Pollen AM Extruder - Pellet Extruder

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