The team

Theoretical physicist, strategic planner and entrepreneur. Cédric is in charge of the management, overall financials and is an active part of the technological breakthroughs. His passion for new technologies is only matched by his love for the underwater world.

Photo Cédric Michel


Cédric Michel

Art Director and Designer, Victor is also a code lover. While heading the product and software design, he focuses on the overall user experience. Committed to narrow the gap between function and emotion, he explores adaptive shapes and proteiform structures.

Photo Victor Roux


Victor Roux

PhD in micro nano-electronic and material engineer, David oversees all research developments. Questioning everything, he makes sure things are done precisely and safely. Warm-hearted, he always takes care of others, and seeks more rightful ways of team collaboration.

Photo David Hauser

Science VP

David Hauser

As a mechanical engineer, Adrien makes things work perfectly, period. Managing the robotic development of our machines, he is also a great 3D modeller and an insatiable doer. Always full of energy, he never stops working, except when it comes to enjoy a good laugh.

Photo Adrien Rouet

Mechanical VP

Adrien Rouet

PhD in material chemistry, Lucie leads the innovation in material engineering. However complex our problematic are, she invariably finds the right mix to makes things effective and delightful. If on a daily basis she is an explorer of atoms, Lucie knows how to step back and journeys the oceans.

Photo Lucie Viry

Materials VP

Lucie Viry

Prolific coder and entrepreneur, Philippe has this incredibly rare talent of being able to communicate as profoundly with machines as with humans. Fast at finding innovative solutions, he is also very quick as deploying them, to his own surprise from time to time. To him, the next frontier of digital lies in the materials.

Photo Philippe Durix

Software VP

Philippe Durix

Physicist specialized in optics, Benjamin is also a talented IT engineer. His eye for the most elegant solution provides him a rare reliability in his field. Expert in the most advanced robotic systems, he transforms complexity in a concise and melodious language.

Photo Benjamin Forest


Benjamin Forest

As a mix of pure energy and sharp business strategist, Didier optimizes every aspect of the company, from R&D to industrial development. He never fails to convince both internally and externally. And if it has to go through a humorous approach, then everybody benefits from it.

Photo Didier Fonta

Business Developer

Didier Fonta

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Technician of assembly

A rigurous and autonomous professional in charge of assembling our systems, improving the production setup and willing to participate to assembly documentation.

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